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Do you accept pets?


It is a recurring question when you are planning a vacation and you have a dog / s at home. First of all we want to inform you that YES, WE ACCEPT PETS, but with the following conditions (we are talking about dogs because it is the most common pet):

Inform in advance that you are traveling with a pet.

The owners are responsible for material or personal damages that occur as a result of the pet. Community spirit and responsibility on the part of the owners.

A daily supplement of € 6 / pet must be paid.

The pet should not be allowed to climb on the beds or on the sofa, if this happens a penalty will be applied on the deposit of € 50.

The pet must not be left unattended/alone at any time within the apartment or the community sector of the Building. The pet must always be on a leash.
For the needs of the animal, take special care not to allow it to urinate or defecate in the community space (including parking lot and exterior walls of the building), having to rinse the urine with water and vinegar or diluted bleach and collect the eses when they occur ( aspect that is included in the regulations for the possession of pets in the Principat of Andorra).


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